Messy Church


Saturday 13th July 3pm

On the grass at All Saints Church

Join us for our Summer Sports session and BBQ!

Messy Church is a fun time for all the family - with crafts, songs and a sit down tea afterwards. Everyone is welcome - all we ask is that children are accompanied by an adult.


Dates for the rest of the year:


We had fun at Messy Lent:




And some craft from Messy Church holidays:

A landscape diorama incorpirating land sea, fields, hills and mountains. There is even a waterfallsDiorama without creaturesSea creatures including turtles in their homeA polar bear and a butterfly happily frolicking in the waterfallwe even have a campsite for the humanswe cant forget the penguinscomplete and in pride of place in front of the alter.

What fun we had creating this diorama of all our favourite holiday places, we have the beach, the fields for camping, the hills and mountains for walking and skiing. we even have a waterfall. We also remembered that our favourite places are home to many creatures and we made some of them and added them. We even made a campsite for us humans.  Then we had fish and chips followed by ice cream for a proper holiday treat.