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Thank you for visiting our web site, you will be warmly welcomed at each church in the Bloxwich team ministry.

We are the Church of England team parish within the Bloxwich area, (just north of Walsall) and are three family friendly churches - the parish church of All Saints', St Thomas' and Holy Ascension.  We have varied services from traditional and reflective, to the more informal, but do check out further to find something for you.  For anyone interested in learning more about the Christian faith, we run regular Alpha courses. For further information contact Rev. Chris Davies on 01922 497268



Coronavirus - Bloxwich Team


Following the easing of Covid restrictions, we are now able to offer public in each of our churches as follows. 

All Saints - Sundays at 10am

Holy Ascension - Sundays at 10am 

St Thomas' - Sundays at 11am, 4pm and 6pm


·         There will be no refreshments available.

·         Only one toilet will be available for use and signage will be provided guiding people to the safe use of toilets.

·         Children will need to be supervision at all times.

·         Sadly no children’s activities to be provided.

·         A maximum limit of 30 people will be applied at each service.

·         Worship will be said and non-communion and words will be projected onto screens so that we don’t need to offer prayer books. Visually impaired people will be offered a service card and will be encouraged to take this home and reuse it for following weeks.

·         Individual tapers will be provided for lighting candles and a box for used tapers.

·         Seating will be socially distanced (2 metres).

·         To assist with Track and Trace people will be asked to sign in by giving their name and a contact number. These records will be kept for 21 days after which they will be destroyed.  

·         People will be encouraged to be seated when they arrive and not to loiter after worship.

·         People will be encouraged to exit the churches safely and from the rear first.

·         Hand sanitation will be encouraged on entry and exit.

·         We will continue with online services so as to reduce the potential numbers of people attending worship.

·         Pew cushions and kneelers will be removed and as much as possible fabric chairs will be replaced with wipe clean chairs.  

·         A static plate will be made available during each service to receive offerings. We have agreed that any loose plate money will stay with the hosting churches whilst envelopes will be identified and sent to the appropriate church.

·         Those who have previously been shielding and have underlying health conditions are strongly advised not to attend public worship.

·         If you travel to church using public transport or shared lifts we encourage to follow Government advice.

·         We will review all control measures on an ongoing basis and update following changes in Government or Church of England advice, following any incident, or at the end of August and definitely before we implement more changes to worship.

Final Note: If you are unsure please do not take any unnecessary risks. 



To reduce contact between people,  the Parish Office hour dealing with Weddings and Baptisms, on Wednesdays, will not be offered for the time being. These enquiries will be dealt with by telephone on Wednesdays between        6-7pm  and contact details are as follows; please note we are subject to current strict Government Guidance in relation to the conducting of these services:-

Wedding enquiries: Keith and Cheryl Lowe - telephone 01922 476177

Baptism enquiries: email - 'Click here to email'